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Dress Code Policy

    Rosemead High School recognizes the constitutional mandate that students will be provided with a quality education in a safe and wholesome environment. In this regard, we find that the presence of certain types of clothing and attire can cause a substantial disruption at school activities. Specifically, we find it necessary to establish a dress and grooming policy prohibiting obscene, sexually explicit, or suggestive attire or jewelry; materials conveying membership or affiliation with any gang or which promote the use/abuse of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or any controlled substance.
In recognition of the instructional responsibilities and goals of Rosemead High School, we have set forth the following specific rules relative to the dress and appearance of students, which will be strictly enforced.


  • Clothing articles including but not limited to gloves, bandannas, cut-off pants with knee-high socks, bib overalls show strings, wristbands, hats, hair nets. Excessively long belts, belt buckles, “in memory of” shirts, or jewelry commonly recognized as being related to a group or gang which provokes others to act violently or be intimidated by fear of violence shall not be worn on the campus or at any school activity. Any clothing dealing with the Raiders, LA logo, LA Kings, or military style belts is prohibited. Since gang related clothing may change from year to year, the students guidelines committee will meet and review the recommended clothing prior to disallowing suspected clothing.
  • Beach wear, halters, bare midriff or sheer or revealing clothing is considered inappropriate for high school.
  • Hats, caps, and other head gear are prohibited at school during school hours with the following exceptions: Hats generated through a Rosemead High School sponsored program in school colors, unaltered and approved by the Activity Office. Hats and/or hoods are not to be worn in classrooms.
  • Clothing articles depicting crime such as tagging, graffiti, police codes and call numbers are not permitted.
  • Clothing or jewelry depicting or suggesting sexually-related or obscene gestures or pictures, or wording which promotes the use/abuse of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or any controlled substance shall not be worn on campus or at any school activity.
  • Students shall not wear articles of clothing, jewelry, or accessories which, in the opinion of the school administration, poses a clear and immediate threat to the physical well-being or safety of other students on the campus (i.e. spiked collars, wristbands, or steel toe shoes).
  • Bizarre hair styles which distract from the educational process will not be allowed.