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Cross Country Boys Soccer
2002 CIF Champs.jpg
2004 CIF Champs.jpg
2007 Champs.jpg


Mr. Mike Tellez

Biology Teacher

Wrestling Coach

Rosemead Wrestling's Top 5 CIF Finishes

1983 Team CIF 5th.jpg 1984 Team, League Champs, CIF 4th.jpg 1985 Team, League Champs, CIF 2nd.jpg 1986 Team, CIF 1st.jpg 1987 Team, CIF 5th.jpg 1988 Team, CIF 1st.jpg 1994 Team, CIF 5th.jpg 1995 Team, CIF 4th.jpg 1996 Team, CIF 3rd.jpg 1997 Team CIF 3rd.jpg 2001 Team CIF 3rd.jpg 2002 CIF Champs.jpg 2003 Team, CIF Duals 2nd.jpg 2004 CIF Champs.jpg 2006 Team, CIF 2nd.jpg

Rosemead Wrestling's College Accomplishments

1981 Dondi Teran JC All-American.jpg 1982 Dondi Teran JC All-American.jpg 1986 Dondi Teran All Pac-Ten.jpg 1987 Malcolm Boykin All Pac-Ten.jpg 1987 Marty Kouyoumtjian JC All-American.jpg 1987 Michael Tellez JC All-American.jpg 1988 Malcolm Boykin All Pac-Ten.jpg 1988 Robert Kawamura JC All-American.jpg 1990 Marty Kouyoumtjian, NCAA Division II All American.jpg 1991 Marty Kouyoumtjian All Pac-Ten.jpg 1996 Geovanni Aguilar JC All-American.jpg 1998 Michael Kawamura All Pac-Ten.jpg 1999 Michael Kawamura All Pac-Ten.jpg 2000 David Gomez JC All-American.jpg 2000 Michael Kawamura All Pac-Ten.jpg 2000 Michael Kawamura All Pac-Ten.jpg 2001 Hector Torres, Junior-Fila National Champion.jpg 2003 Steven Davis JC All-American.jpg 2005 Jimmy Valdivia JC All-American.jpg 2006 Ian Millan JC All-American.jpg 2006 Manuel Rivera All Big-Ten.jpg 2007 Diego Martinez JC All-American.jpg 2007 Manuel Rivera All Big-Ten.jpg 2008 Manuel Rivera All Big-Ten.jpg










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