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Library Science class provides students an opportunity to work in the environment of a librarian. Students assist teachers, and students with using the various resources within the library.

In addition students perform various assignments to enrich their understanding on online databases, as well as various computer programs to provide them with necessary skills to help other users of the library equipment.

Teachers can sign-up to use the library facilities for their class by going to the RHS Library Calendar



SYLLABUS 2015-2016


The Library Science/Media course at Rosemead High School is an elective course for those students who are interested in librarianship, reading, writing and research. The major goal of the Library Science/Media course is to expose students to the various aspects of librarianship.

Library Science is a course designed to introduce students to the arrangement of the media center, classification of materials according to the Dewey Decimal System, and the use of technology. Hands-on experience and activities will develop skills in serving the school population in the media center. Written assignments completed will measure an understanding of the various aspects of the media center.

Library Science/Media Course Objectives:

&Students will demonstrate appropriate personal service skills when interacting with Media Center patrons.

&Students will demonstrate an adherence to all Media Center rules.

&Students will demonstrate an understanding of Media Center organization.

&Students will perform routine Media Center tasks.

&Students will participate in reading and writing assignments related to the Media

Center program.


&To gain work experience in communications, technology, and information systems

used in libraries.


&To gain knowledge of the Dewey Decimal system of classification and how to apply it in shelving library materials.


&To assume responsibility for keeping a section of the library organized and clean.


&To use class time constructively.

Assignments and Grades:

Students will be graded on how well they perform their Media Center duties and the professionalism they demonstrate in relation to those duties. In addition to routine Media Center tasks, students are also required to write two book reports/reviews, pass any quizzes and/or tutorials as well as pass a final examination.



CMS Grading Policy:

Book Reports/Reviews (5)



90 – 100


Library Duties/Professionalism



80 – 89


Subject Specific Assignments



70 – 79


Final Examination



60 – 69


Section of Library




0 – 59


Grand Total






Students earn a total of 20 points per day for their completion of daily tasks including re-shelving books, shelf reading their assigned area and working with patrons of the library. In addition, students will earn additional points upon the completion of specific assignments given based on the area of focus studied on that day.

Unexcused absences will result in a loss of 20 points per day.

Excused absences (with a note/absentee slip/check-out slip) will result in a loss of 10 points per day.

Tardy to class will result in a loss of 5 points for each occurrence.



&All assignments should be turned in on time. Grades will be reduced for late assignments.
&Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated. Sharing your work or utilizing another

student’s work for any assignment will result in a failing grade for that assignment or other disciplinary action.

&Students are required to make up any work that was missed as a result of an absence.

As a mature high school student, it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what

was missed during an absence.

Please remember that you represent the media center staff. Customer service for all people who enter needs to be your top priority. If you need to, any assignment that needs to be completed before a deadline can be completed as homework.


Rosemead High School Library