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Alphabetical Contact Information

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Please direct any website or schoolwide questions or suggestions to:

Sandy Beerman

Adams, Alexi (626) 286-3141 ex.2837 School Psychologist
Alanis, Elizabeth (626) 286-3141 ex.2115 Teacher
Alfaro, Maria Assistant Principal
Aliff, Brian (626) 286-3141 ex.5593 Social Science Teacher
Andrew, Gigi (626) 258-5415 Staff
Ayon, Julian Staff
Ban, Michelle (626) 286-3141 ex.2096 Social Science Teacher
Banas, Jose Assistant Principal
Bannister, Sean Sys Admin
Barajas, Alicia (626) 286-3141 ex.5518 Foreign Language Teacher
Beerman, Sandy (626) 286-3141 ex.2875 Teacher Librarian
Bell, Diana (626) 286-3141 ex.5514 English Teacher
BOYD, L (626) 286-3141 ex.5564 Mathematics Teacher
Bristol, Dr. Brian Principal
Buono, Brendan (626) 286-3141 ex.5598 Social Science Teacher
Burgess, Eric (626) 286-3141 ex.2201 English Teacher
Chambers, Lisa Staff
Chang, Mei (626) 286-3141 ex.2059 Mathematics Teacher
Chavarria, Raquel (626) 286-3141 ex.2208 English Teacher
Chen, Judy (626) 286-3141 ex.2099 Social Science Teacher
Chen, Scott (626) 286-3141 ex.5550 Foreign Language Teacher
Cheng, Loanne (626) 286-3141 ex.2864 Staff
Cheng, Silvia ex.2091 Social Science Teacher
Collins, Danielle ex.5583 Instrumental Music Director
Crockwell, William (626) 286-3141 ex.5500 English Teacher
Day, Brian (626) 286-3141 ex.2200 English Teacher
Do, Francine (626) 286-3141 ex.5527 Special Education Teacher
Doseman, DeAnne (626) 286-3141 ex.2042 Mathematics Teacher
Douglas, Tad (909) 262-2720 ex.2203 English Teacher
Eder, James Assistant Principal
Espinoza, James (626) 286-3141 ex.2108 English Teacher
Esquivel, Joan (626) 286-3141 ex.2910 Physical Education Teacher
Farris, Laura (626) 286-3141 ex.2853 Counselor, Ng-Sy
Felix, Mike (626) 286-3141 ex.5520 English Teacher
Fischer, Cindy (626) 286-3141 ex.2068 Art Department Chair
Gaynor, Kelly (626) 286-3141 ex.2100 Teacher
Gendron, Amanda (626) 258-5576 ex.5576 Physical Education Teacher
Gerlach, Fred (626) 286-3141 ex.5535 Science Teacher
Goldsmith, Maria (626) 286-3141 ex.5534 Science Teacher
Gonzalez, Wes (626) 286-3141 ex.5554 Mathmatics Teacher
Gray, Ruth (626) 286-3141 ex.5580 Music Department Chair
Guerrero, Claudia ex.5493 Special Education Teacher
Guerrero, Sandra (626) 286-3141 ex.5517 Foreign Language Department Chair
Gutierrez, Mary Ann Staff
Harisay, Marc (626) 286-3141 ex.5571 Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director
Hatley, Larry (626) 286-3141 ex.5562 Math Department Chair
Hensley, Karrie (626) 286-3141 ex.2204 English Department Chair
Imperial, Rick (626) 286-3141 ex.2062 Business
Irwin, Jim (626) 286-3141 ex.2850 Teacher
Koffler, Matt (626) 286-3141 ex.2111 Special Education Teacher
Kudlacek, Jean English Teacher
Lim, Justin (626) 281-3141 ex.2828 Categorical Program/SIOP Instructional Coach
Lin, Cun (626) 286-3141 ex.5558 Mathematics Teacher
Liu, Didi (626) 286-3141 Foreign Language Teacher
Lopez, Perla (626) 286-3141 ex.2851 Counselor; Dob - K alphabet
Lund, Cathy (626) 286-3141 ex.2066 Art Teacher
Magana, Natalia Staff
Martin, Pamela Staff
Mauldin, Deborah (626) 286-3141 ex.5588 Special Education Teacher
Medina, Edwin Mathematics Teacher
Nguyen, Lan (626) 286-3141 ex.5533 Science Teacher
Nguyen, Uyen (626) 286-3141 ex.2854 Counselor
Obryan, Tegan English Teacher
Okeke, Emmanuel (626) 286-3141 ex.2060 Mathematics Teacher
Oo, Thet (626) 286-3141 ex.2056 Mathematics Teacher
Oviedo, Alex (626) 286-3141 ex.2094 Special Education Teacher & Department Chair
Palmer, Erica (626) 258-5416 Child Welfare and Attendance
Paramo, Marc Teacher
Parkhurst, Don (626) 286-3141 ex.2051 Business Department Chair
Peraza, Miriam (626) 258-5589 Staff
Quick, Don (626) 286-3141 ex.5531 Science Teacher
Rai, Alexander (626) 286-3141 ex.2095 Social Science Department Chair
Ramirez, Brenda Special Education Teacher
Reynoso, Guenoha Staff
Rico, Kristi (626) 286-3141 ex.2061 Health/Sports Medicine Teacher
Rodriguez, Elaine (626) 286-3141 ex.2852 Teacher
Rodriguez, Scarlett (626) 258-5514 Staff
Rojas, Marilyn Foreign Langauge Teacher
Romero, Christine Staff
Rose, Elaine (626) 286-2012 ex.2012 Foreign Language Teacher
Saenz, Irma (626) 286-3141 ex.2863 Staff
Sahagun, Pat (626) 286-2605 Family and Consumer Arts
Saldana, Evelyn ex.2013 Teacher
Samano, Jose Teacher
Sandoval, Christine ex.2097 Social Science Teacher
Sandoval, Mike (626) 286-3141 ex.5527 English Teacher
Sare, Ruby Anna (626) 286-3141 ex.5577 English Teacher
Sepulveda, Larry (626) 286-3141 ex.x5491 Teacher
Tellez, Michael (626) 286-3141 ex.2032 Science Teacher
Tran, Vi (626) 286-3141 ex.2052 Mathematics Teacher
Trigo, Veronica Staff
Turner, Lonnie (626) 286-3141 ex.2037 Science Teacher
VanWinkle, Thomas (626) 286-3141 ex.2035 Science Department Chair
Vasquez, Joseph (626) 286-3141 ex.2104 English Teacher
Velazquez, Alberto (626) 286-3141 ex.2092 Social Science Teacher
Veljacic, Anthony (626) 258-5540 ex.5540 Industrial Technology Teacher
Veljacic, Liza (626) 286-3141 ex.5544 Industrial Technology Department Chair
Verduzco, C (626) 286-3141 ex.5597 Social Science Teacher
Ward, Gary (626) 258-5431 ex.5431 Physical Education Teacher
Washington, Valerie (626) 286-3141 ex.5537 Science Teacher
West, Rosemary (626) 286-3141 Staff
Wiederholt, Annette Mathematics Teacher
Zwick, Jim (626) 286-3141 ex.2916 Physical Education Department Chair
~account, ~Inactive (626) 286-3141 ex.2854 Counselor